Friday, December 14, 2007


I have been so busy lately. I kept meaning to sit down and type out a quick blog here and there but just didn't have the time. So I will update you now on what's been going:

Russell got a part-time job for nights and weekends. He works at Circuit City 2-3 nights a week and on Saturday afternoon. It's very hard not having him at home. The girls miss their daddy. BUt we need the extra money right now. It's just a seasonal thing, but he may stay on after the holidays. So on nights he works I have a lot to do at home before going to bed myself. I try to stay awake and wait up for him to come home, but most of the time I pass out on the couch from exhaustion.

Keilani went to the doctor for her AHDH evalution. He feels she could benefit greatly from medication. She's too skinny because she doesn't sit down to eat. At school she talks and play too much that she can't eat in the time allowed. So he reccomends a medication without appetite suppresant side effect. He also said that the medication will slow her down so she can focus easier. I expressed my concern for her love of reading and learning and he said the medication will help her acheive a greater potential. If she can slow down her body her mind will be able to asorb more information. He'd like for her to have an IQ test done with a pyschologist before we start medication. So it looks like perhaps in January we will start this journey with her.

Evelyn has been walking everywhere!! Each day she gets more stable. I can't even remember the last time I saw her crawl. It is such a beautiful sight to watch her waddle to Daddy when he walks in the door, or straight to me and give me a big hug. I love it!! And she is so proud of herself. You can see the sense of pride and accomplishment on her face. She is still going to speech and occupational therapy but all other appointments, procedures and specialists have been cancelled. I'm just going to let her go at her own pace now and help where I can. But she is happy and proud and I am proud of her!!

Christmas is upon us and in full force at our house. Cards have been sent. I bought all the gifts for the girls already. And now I am baking cookies!! I plan to give trays of cookies this year to a lot of people... I am making over 30 dozen to start. I am also hosting Christmas at our house. We'll have Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas breakfast and Christmas dinner in our tiny place. Russell's parents will be coming up so they can share in the holiday with the girls. I'm happy they decided to stay at our house so they can be there when the girls wake up and see all the magic that Santa left behind!! I'm such a kid during this time of year!! Anyway... I have lots of planning, cooking, baking, freezing and sharing to do... oh and shopping!! Still have more shopping to do too.

I am trying to get better about posting... when time allows!!