Friday, May 1, 2009

Another new hobby...

I am completely addicted to knitting!!! You have no idea. I have gone crazy with knitting... finding patterns, yarns, needles... and time to knit. I bring it everywhere so I can just pick it up and do some and then put it down when I have to. I kind of goofed up on my first project. I was trying to make a baby blanket and discovered the needles I was using were too small. So I have started over with the correct size needles. I didn't scrape the first one totally... I think I will finish it up and just make it a smaller blanket. After I complete this blanket I plan to make a rug for Keilani's bedroom. I will redoing her room in subtle horse theme and wanted to make her a nice pinto colored throw rug. She's excited about her new room and I m excited about another project. I will post pictures of my work as I go.... as I am so proud of myself!!