Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No longer on the Island...

Thats right!! We have moved to the mainland!! We have been trying for over 5 years to move into a larger home and we finally did it!! It's so exciting. We are now in a beautiful house with a big yard. The neighborhood has sidewalks and a playground for the girls. The girls finally have their own bedrooms and a playroom. So much more room to spread out in. So wonderful!! Needless to say there has been many changes with the move. Evelyn went from her private babysitter to a preschool setting. Keilani had to change schools as well, but is in the same school as Evelyn! That really helped with the transisition for both I think. They are also closer to home which means a shorter morning commute for me. Russell however was transferred to another body shop just before our move so his commute is still about an hour each way. Because of this we sold his Jetta (so sad!!) and bought a 4-cylinder commuter car for him. It's working out very well and is great on gas. So all in all things are working out real swell with this move! Things are moving in a foward and positive direction in our lives and we're embracing every minute of it!!