Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wow! It's been a while...

Sorry. I get so wrapped up in daily life that I forget to update this blog. Ok.... let's see. Whats new lately??? First, Evelyn is now jumping!! She can even do it without the trampoline. She has been running and kicking the soccer ball to. He gross motor skills have really improved lately. Keilani is off to a rough start this school year. She is in a 1st-2nd grade combo class. Her problem is the talking and the following of directions. Her time management sucks too and she has trouble completing assignments on time. In fact, Russell & I have a meeting with her teacher tomorrow to discuss her behavior int he class room. We had her on ADHD medication in January, but we didn't like what it did to her. She was not my little princess anymore. So we only had her on it for a month and stopped it all together. We need to figure out a way to deal with her besides medication. The new house is wonderful. We are pretty much all settled in besides a few boxes in the garage. We also desperately need to have a garage sale and then I should be able to park in the garage!! We still need to do somethings like complete the guest room and fence the yard. I told Russell we need to have the guest room done by Christmas so we can have the family at our house this year. Work has been busy for me, but what else is new?!?! Russell has been working extra hard at his job too lately. Trying to get business to pick up. But that's pretty much it. We've done some traveling/weekend trips, we're getting ready for my birthday and enjoying our new Wii play system. Life is good.