Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey.... I'm back!!!

Updated the site... made some changes.... and ready to try this again. Figured it was easier to edit the site I already had instead of starting a whole new one.

So... where did I leave off??? Oh yeah, since I was last here my husband left. I am in the new home we bought and taking care of my girls. First of the year I put the house up for sale since I really just can't afford it on my own. I've been managing the best that I can, but times are tough as everyone knows. I feel like I can't give my girls the life they deserve. So I will sell (eventually) and downsize into something more affordable so I can give Keilani & Evelyn the best life I can.

I also meet someone new! His name is Dennis and he is a bit older than me (9 years) and has 2 boys the same ages as my girls! He is wonderful. Loving father, goal orientated, frugal, romantic, sweet, fun and energetic. He also has been the dad to 3 step-daughters for 12 years and loves them as his own. Thats a winner in my book! We always do fun family things with the kids and pretty much center our lives around them. Since Keilani & Evelyn are my world... it works.

Oh... here is a picture of him....

That was just taken yesterday when we took the kids to play.

Anyway... I will do my best to keep this blog updates regularly. I trying to change many things in my life, so this should be a good place to keep you all updated.

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The Chiu's said...

Glad to see you back. I updated your blog on my blog. Hope things are going well for you all. :)