Thursday, November 15, 2007

Evelyn's big test tomorrow

I'm a bit nervous. A bit anxious as well. Friday is Evelyn's big test day. We've been trying to get this test scheduled for 2 months! Tomorrow morning... bright and early she will finally go. Part of me worries if I am doing the right thing. What if something goes wrong? But they do these tests all the time. It's just a MRI; no big deal. But they have to sedate her. We're not using anesthia (sp), just a liquid medication that will make her sleep. They will do the MRI scan and then draw blood. The neurologist has ordered 4 blood tests and her pediatrician has added a couple more to the list. She should wake up from the test as if she took a nap. The nurse told me she may act wobbly or drunk the remainder of the day. I am not looking foward to watch her body lay so still on the table of that scanning machine. And of course the fear... what if she doesn't wake up?!?! OMG! I'm getting more nervous than anxious now. The anxious part wants to know if these tests show anything conclusive. Is there a medical reason why her development is so slow? Is there something in her brain or body that is keeping her from walking? And why won't she talk or form letter sounds? If these tests come back negative then we only have the road of therapy ahead to help her. But if there is something more we can do to help her... than I want to know! She is my baby. My little angel. I want her to have a full, happy, productive life. For that I need to do anything and everything within my power to help her. So I will brave the giant MRI machine with her. I will hold her while she drinks this nasty sleep medication. I will comfort her as she drifts off to sleep. I will kiss her boo-boos from the bloodwork. And I will insist on fast results!! I hope and pray everything goes according to plan tomorrow.


Angela said...

Good luck tomorrow dear, I'm sure Evie will do just fine.

Call if you need/want to talk.