Monday, November 19, 2007

What to do?...

OK... so Friday was Evelyn's MRI. The procedure itself went well. She was sedated and slept through the whole scan process. Afterward 2 people came in to draw the blood. They tried both arms and only got 1 tube of blood; she ended up blowing out a vein. They had to call in an IV nurse with a special needle to try again. We got Evelyn back to sleep and then the IV nurse showed up. Now just to let you know... they needed to fill about 10 tubes of blood for the 12 tests that were ordered from 2 different doctors. The first people got 1 tube and after 2 tries in both of Evelyn's ankles the IV nurse only got 1 tube! I refused to let them poke her again! She was sedated but would wake up and cry while they were tryng to draw the blood. Poor thing was so hungry and tired too because they made her fast for the MRI. No idea why! So now I have to take her back to the hospital to have the 12 blood tests done, and this time she won't be sedated! I don't know if I can handle that. I am starting to question myself. Is all of this really necessary? Maybe she is just a happy baby that doesn't want to walk? Maybe she will talk one day. She's in therapy. Perhaps I should just let the therapist do what they can to help her. I don't want to traumatize my child anymore than I already have. I'm just not sure what to do! The MRI did come back with normal results. So thats one less thing to worry about. I have a call into her pediatrician to see if maybe we can take a look at her legs physically. Maybe by a pediatric orthopedic who can determine if there is a problem with her legs. I always said her one leg seemed weak or less invlolved than the other. When she crawled at 12 months she would push with one leg like a sea turtle and drag the other behind her. So maybe there is something wrong with her legs like I said months ago. The doctors haven't really addressed that issue, they mainly focus on her brain, sensory issues and speech... along with her lack of walking. But I just don't know. Doctors don't know everything and sometimes things get overlooked. But I hate to feel like a hypocondriac too. God I hope I am doing the rights things by Evelyn. Will I ever know for sure?!?!


kfk said...


Hoping you find the answers for such complicated questions. And hoping Evelyn gets the treatment she needs to be healthy. Sometimes we have to trust the doctors, but sometimes we have to trust our instincts as mothers. Where the line is, that is the difficult part to figure out. Thinking of you!