Monday, November 12, 2007

First post....

You have to begin somewhere, right?!?!

I'll have to be honest with you.... I don't have much experience or time for blogging. But I am trying to look at it as therapy for me. I work full time, have a husband I barely get to see, 1 daughter in kindergarten that needs constant stimulation and 1 daugter that needs.... special treatment. My oldest, Keilani is my prodigy child. Always asking questions and always has something to say. She is a sponge with knowledge and I gladly share it with her. Evelyn is our baby girl. She is almost 18-months but is developmentally still only 12 months. She is forever with doctors, specialist and therapists to help get her to her appropriate age level. I'd give anything to hear her talk to me and to see her walk! Even though I know one day I will be telling her to stop running through the house and to sit down and be quiet. But for right now.... I just want her to do it. My husband, Russell... is a sweetheart. I seriously lucked out and got myself a great husband, father and friend.

So I will use this blog as a journal to vent my thoughts on life through my eyes. Between work, appointments and trying to there for my family & freinds.... you will be there too. I encourage comments and look foward to receiving them!!


Cookie said...

I will do my best to check your blog out and give you as much support as you need.... Love Kerry

Mindy said...

I loved reading your new blog! You should write a book! :D